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Can Merla offers you a pleasant, calm and large space, with an easy access and location, with two wide parking for vehicles. The restaurant is divided in two parts: inside with three dining rooms and outside, with a terrace. A delightful spot during summertime when you can have any meal or simply enjoy drinking a cool beer.

Our plates belong to in the Catalan traditional, home and market cooking, with a wide offer of courses, where the grilled meat is our main offer and specialty.

Grilled meat is our main offer and always we choose the best products in the market to can grill them on the wood fireplace. So, it can be obtained a slow grill with natural fire, reaching to obtain that characteristic taste.

We have a wide selection of wines and cavas, to satisfy the request and discerning palates.

Our wines, cavas and above all the meat, fruits, vegetables and other foods, we take care to obtain the best home-grow products.

The restaurant has three dining rooms: the main dining room, with a capacity for 55 people and other two, who respectively have a capacity for 22 and 28 people. These two last dining rooms, also can be used for groups, join or separately, because of the distribution let this modality.

All dining rooms have heating and conditioned air in summertime, equipment of music and TV with availability of video or DVD, so groups can watch private movies and filming. The TV is prepared to be able to connect the PC computer, when the group want to watch photos or other information to enjoy the meal and the meeting.

The main dining room also has an ample fireplace with wood at customer disposal.

Outside of the restaurant there is a large terrace to be able to have any food from the day, such as breakfast, lunch or supper, or simply to have an appetizer or drink, evidently when the weather is OK. The full capacity of the terrace is about 110 people. It’s a pleasant and calm space, with a nice view because of restaurant location.

Opening timesWinter
1 October to 30 June
1 July to 30 September
Breakfast08:00h - 10:30h08:00h - 10:30h
Lunch13:00h - 16:00h13:00h - 16:00h
Dinner - Thursday, Friday and Saturday20:00h - 22:30h20:00h - 22:30h
Daily closed16:00h - 20:00h16:00h - 20:00h
Weekly restMondayMonday

Restaurant 9 Can Merla
Ctra. de Santa Coloma de Farner, km 4.5, 17441 Brunyola, Girona | 972 877 272 - 630 046 976
info@canmerla.cat | Avís Legal

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